SunDance takes labels and flexible packaging to new level with HP Indigo Digital Press

Creative labels and flexible packaging are crucial for successfully marketing products, and few commercial printers understand this better than SunDance. That’s why the multi-channel print and marketing company recently acquired the HP Indigo 25K Digital Press to give brands more opportunities for innovation while providing faster turnarounds to meet their evolving needs.

This advanced press is designed for on-demand labels and flexible packaging, with optimized efficiency and minimal environmental impact. The HP Indigo 25K Digital Press allows SunDance to satisfy the most stringent brand colour and quality standards.

Its seamless colour automation enables accuracy and consistency across jobs while eliminating lost production time. The press also minimizes complexities and waste, helping SunDance to deliver eco-conscious packaging with the agility that brands require to be competitive in today’s fast-moving market.

The HP Indigo 25K Digital Press has up to seven ink stations and allows the use of spot colours, enabling 97 per cent of PANTONE colours. With its fast colour matching and ink changeout, production efficiency increases for shorter turnaround times.

“Our team is dedicated to saying ‘yes’ to customers,” said JohnHenry Ruggieri, the president of SunDance. “With the new press, we’re able to provide the packaging that they desire with the quality and speed that they need.”

In addition to colour accuracy and consistency, the HP Indigo 25K Digital Press can produce food-safe packaging that meets regulatory printing requirements. Brand owners with multiple product lines can trust that their labels and flexible packaging will meet standards, as well as stand out among the crowd.

Header picture:  from left to right: Chris Murphy, HP Sales; JohnHenry Ruggieri, President SunDance; Monty Faulkner, Account Manager, HP

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