Ametek Mocon Announce New CO2 Permeation Analyser

Adding to its already impressive carbon dioxide permeation analyser line, Ametek Mocon has announced the launch of the new PERMATRAN-C 4/30.

The new analyser was designed for labs looking to perform fast and accurate carbon dioxide transmission rate testing for quality control (QC) or R&D applications. It takes advantage of the many great features offered by our Next Generation Mocon Permeation Analysers, such as short test cycles, easy-to-use software, and automated control features. The analyser also features our two-cell cartridge testing system that precisely measures the carbon dioxide transmission rate (CO2TR) of barrier films and packages. The analyser’s simplified operation allows both experienced technicians and new users to easily obtain accurate and repeatable CO2TR results on every measurement.

Carbon Dioxide Detection

The removable cartridge system allows interchangeable use with Mocon’s wide range of test cartridges, expanding the testing range and applications of the instrument. The C 4/30 analyser comes standard with 50cm2 area test cartridges for barrier films. Also available is our PackRack Package Test Fixture and Capture Volume accessories, which allow bottles and container closures to be easily tested for CO2TR with minimal preparation.  Now CO2TR measurements can be made with ease and confidence by any operator.

The new PERMATRAN-C 4/30 Carbon Dioxide Permeation Analyser measures the CO2 transmission rate through films, packages, bottles, and package closure systems, so Research and Development and Quality Control labs know exactly how much CO2 is permeating through their samples,” said Jeff Jackson, Sr. Global Product Manager at Ametek Mocon. “Unlike other permeability testers that measure a surrogate for carbon dioxide, like gas pressure, we specifically measure CO2 gas concentration using proprietary infrared sensing technology to directly determine the carbon dioxide transmission rate. As you would expect from a Mocon Permeation Analyser, we measure CO2TR to the lowest detection limits available in the market.”

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