Ametek Mocon Launches New AQUATRAN Analyser

Prodigious provider of permeation analysers, package testing instruments, and gas controllers/sensors, Ametek Mocon, has launched a new analytical instrument to measure the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of whole packages under precisely controlled environmental conditions.

Called the AQUATRAN 3/40, the new analyser targets package permeation testing in the food, beverage, and healthcare packaging application space, where knowing the precise moisture vapor transmitting through a package is critical to a product’s shelf life.

Applications for the AQUATRAN 3/40 include permeation testing of formed trays, bottles, flexible pouches, corks, caps, and more.

Historically, testing the water vapor permeation of whole packages either suffered from poor control of the test gas conditions (with messy bagged ambient set-ups), or required a cumbersome set up of an environmental chamber that resulted in lengthy tubing and condensation issues. Adding to the complexity of legacy package permeation testing were the messy epoxy adhesives used to prepare the samples. These adhesives were difficult to apply and remove from the sample holder between each analysis.

With the new AQUATRAN 3/40, whole packages can now be easily tested for WVTR values at controlled humidity and temperature conditions,” explains Jeff Jackson, Senior Product Manager, Ametek Mocon. “Samples are changed easily with either disposable foil mounting or by using application-specific cartridges that require no epoxy at all. The chamber is large enough to accommodate and simultaneously test four large packages, each about the size of a three-litre soda bottle. Add to this our next-generation software platform with automated controls and a simple touchscreen display, and you have a permeation instrument that is finally designed for efficient, accurate WVTR package testing.”

The AQUATRAN 3/40 utilises MOCON’s industry-standard modulated IR sensor and complies with ASTM F1249 for WVTR measurements. 

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