Animated, interactive packaging – platform launches

A ground-breaking technology that transforms regular product packaging into interactive digitally enabled packaging has launched, opening the doors for brands to engage consumers via their products.

The platform, called Displai, uses augmented reality and smartphone technology to activate a hyper-realistic experience, where product packaging seemingly comes to life right in front of consumers’ eyes.


Consumers scan product packaging with their smartphone, activating an augmented reality overlay, which can present information, animate packaging, add clickable links, holograms, and more.

The virtual experience appears as if it was part of the packaging when viewed through a smartphone. The concept is like Facebook filters, which enables users to change the appearance of their faces, overlaying an augmented reality mask.

See the raw demonstration video.

According to Dave Chaffey, from Displai, the ground-breaking platform transforms existing products into digital touchpoints, which offers product marketers and packaging specialists an exciting new way to engage consumers.

“We’re thrilled to launch Displai – it’s an exciting opportunity to build more value into the product experience. And it’s an absolute showstopper for consumers.”

“People are amazed. The product they’re holding in their hands is coming to life – animating, becoming interactive. It’s fascinating. You can see people’s responses – their jaw’s literally drop.”

Displai uses augmented reality to animate regular product packaging
Displai uses augmented reality to animate regular product packaging.


Whilst augmented reality has been around for a few years, the exciting technology has largely been out of reach for most businesses.

“This is the first truly accessible solution for product packaging,” said Chaffey.”The platform makes it easy for brands to add virtual experiences to their products, which consumers activate with their smartphones.”

“It can be setup and activated across millions of products in days and will even work with the products currently in the supermarkets and sitting on kitchen shelves in homes.”

The commercial applications are enormous, with use cases in food and beverage, manufacturing, health, and other industries.

Displai is the second platform for Immertia, following the successful release of Swigr, a similar concept for the alcoholic beverages industry.

Displai is currently accepting applications from packaging companies, product manufacturers, and marketing agencies working in the packaging space. 

More information is available from Displai website –

Industry Enquiries

Industry enquiries are welcome. Please visit the displai website



Header image: Displai’s AR platform transforms regular packaging into immersive, interactive experiences.

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