Anya Hindmarch & Delta Global Creative Innovative Online Packaging

Innovative luxury packaging provider, Delta Global, has partnered with Anya Hindmarch to take sustainability a step further.

Renowned for its efforts in combating fashion’s contribution to climate change, Anya Hindmarch has long been committed to creating products and processes that promote ethical practices. Previous actions have included the I’m Not A Plastic Bag campaign, and more recently, the I Am A Plastic Bag project and Waste Not Want Not campaign.

I’m Not A Plastic Bag was a statement made over ten years ago through a partnership with Sainsbury’s. Its aim was to highlight the issue with single use plastic bags and subsequently, led to the introduction of the plastic bag charge in the UK. 

Many happy returns

The I Am A Plastic Bag campaign saw the brand move on from simply raising awareness to promoting the circularity of materials. Bags and accessories in the collection have been innovatively crafted using recycled plastic bottles and then coated with recycled windscreens.

And now, with the help of Delta Global, the designer brand is taking things further by rethinking their packaging.

Online sales have soared in 2020

Robert Lockyer, CEO and founder of Delta Global, believes that these previous commitments are exactly why their partnership has worked so well. “Sustainability sits at the heart of what both of our businesses do. Our visions and missions align, meaning the partnership wasn’t just about creating a packaging solution but taking real action to combat the industry’s contribution to the climate crisis.

Like many businesses have experienced this year, online sales have been soaring. But amidst all the panic and pressure of the pandemic, sustainable practices have taken somewhat of a backseat, which is dangerous considering the race to reverse climate change is incredibly time sensitive.

However, with Anya Hindmarch’s strong ethics, sustainability has remained a pivotal focus throughout. We helped them by creating mailing boxes for online orders that ensured their digital offering was underpinned by the same level of commitment to the environment as the rest of the business.”

The packaging provider worked with the luxury brand to develop a range of FSC mixed material corrugated mailing boxes. Having reviewed the sizes required for various products and orders, Delta Global aimed to minimise the number of sizes options and ensure those that were kept in the range allowed for best size utilisation to avoid wasted space.

Keep, recycle or compost

Any additional inserts and documents, such as care cards and returns forms, have also been minimised or placed online to reduce the use of paper. What has been left is a sleek and compact envelope pocket which fits a simple message card that is also produced using FSC mixed materials.

Demonstrating both businesses’ commitment to innovation, the mailing boxes feature a peel and seal closure mechanism, reducing the need for additional tape for either the outbound journey or a return, should a customer need to make one.

However, for those who are happy with their purchase, boxes can be kept and used for storage, be fully recycled at kerbside pick-up, or used for composting.

A spokesperson at Anya Hindmarch explains that the updated mailing boxes are just one move in their ongoing commitment to improving their packaging for lessened environmental impact. “Change takes time and we are far from perfect, but we hope that little by little, we can keep improving the way we work and the impression we leave.”

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