Avallen Launch Carbon Footprint Label

In a bid to set new benchmarks for sustainability in the drinks industry, planet-positive drinks brand, Avallen, has today announced it is launching a brand new bottle label, which showcases its sustainability credentials.

The new label, that will still be made out of recycled paper fibres and apple pulp, will feature a completely transparent list of everything that goes into – and comes out of – producing Avallen Calvados; from water usage (1,2L per 70cl) and greenhouse gas emissions (2.73kg CO2 is removed from the atmosphere per 70cl) to packaging materials and details of the brands charitable donations. 

The bottle label will also include a unique QR code on the cork, whereupon scanning the bottle, citizens (as the brand prefers to name its consumers – we’re all citizen’s of this planet!) will find Avallen’s sustainability report. Launched earlier this year, the Bee More Report reveals exactly what the brand has done so far on its mission to tackle the climate emergency and catastrophic biodiversity loss, along with its future commitments to both people and the planet.

Since its launch in 2019, Avallen has embarked on a mission to take action against the climate crisis and catastrophic biodiversity loss and inspire those both inside and out of the drinks industry, by giving back more than they take. Thanks to impact-led production methods, use of three simple ingredients (apples, water and time) and eco-friendly packaging (recycled glass bottles and apple pulp labels), Avallen is leading the way for the industry to bee more one delicious drink at a time.

Avallen Co-Founder, Tim Etherington-Judge, said: “The spirits industry has a total lack of labelling transparency, with brands not even required to list ingredents on the bottle, let alone their ecological impact. We want to change that and lead from the front, communicating our environmental foootprint as clearly as possible for people looking to understand more about the effect of the products they buy. Our new label represents that desire and we hope that we’re the first of many brands to take this action.

Miranda Hart from Wonderworks Communications, Avallen’s award winning design agency, added: “We were very excited to work on this project with Avallen. A natural next step for a brand committed to lead the way with total transparency of their sustainability and environmental credentials. Hopefully this will challenge other brands to follow suit and allow consumers to truely understand the impact of their purchases.

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