Avanti Conveyors to be Air-Free by ’23

Derbyshire-based manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, state-of-the-art materials handling equipment, Avanti Conveyors, has pledged that all of their products will no longer require a compressed air supply by 2023.

Our Research and Development team are advocates for beneficial change and continually strive to offer the most efficient and productive materials handling systems available, whilst also designing machinery that doesn’t cost the earth.

As packaging companies will be well-aware, there are a number of benefits in removing the requirement for compressed air:

* Lower energy consumption.

* Reduction in running costs – it is up to seven times cheaper running purely electric compared to compressed air.

* Function and control are increased providing consistent handling control.

* Elimination of air pipework runs with inevitable leakages.

* Noise reduction.

80% of the product range has already been successfully tried, tested and implemented, with the remaining products on target to be Air Free by 2023.

Avanti Conveyors Separator Clamp

Our approach of combining innovation, flexibility and support means that our customers have sustainable and efficient materials handling systems delivering significant improvements in plant productivity and profitability, while being great for our planet.

Simon Mander, Managing Director of Avanti Conveyors, explains: “We are continuously looking for ways to innovate and push the boundaries of design and engineering to achieve energy efficient and cost-effective solutions whilst maintaining the ultimate goal of maximising customer production.”

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