Beatson Clark Launch Brand New Bottle

As hospitality venues open up many breweries and drinks producers are looking to refresh their brand to appeal to more customers. As such, Beatson Clark is supporting the sector by launching a new 330ml amber drinks bottle for general sale.

The versatile amber bottle is suitable for both beers and soft drinks, as Beatson Clark can change the neck finish from MCA to a standard crown neck finish. It is tested to 3.0 bar which makes it suitable for carbonated or fermented drinks.

This bottle will be unique in the UK and we think it will prove very popular with breweries and drinks manufacturers,” said Charlotte Taylor, Marketing Manager at Beatson Clark.

It’s a completely new design and can be supplied as a standard bottle from our general sale range. Or for a small initial outlay customers could add their own embossing to the bottle with a minimum order of just 150,000 units in either neck finish.”

Beatson Clark currently has good capacity in amber glass, which as well as being visually appealing also has the added benefit of protecting the contents of the bottle from harmful ultraviolet light. In addition, amber bottles contain over 60% recycled glass, making it the sustainable packaging of choice.

Our new 330ml amber drinks bottle is also a sustainable choice for beverages. Not only do our amber bottles have over 60% recycled content, but glass is the only mainstream primary packaging material that doesn’t require a plastic layer between the drink and the packaging,” said Charlotte. “Many people are surprised to discover that all other mainstream beverage containers are lined with plastic which is in constant contact with your drink. However, glass can be used without a liner as it is inert, making it safe to be in contact with the contents. It will not contaminate the product inside or leach toxic or carcinogenic chemicals into the product.”

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