Beatson Clark’s Glass Jars Butters Up the Birds this Winter

Hungry garden birds will dine using premium and sustainable packaging this winter thanks to a new partnership between bird food specialists CJ Wildlife and glass manufacturer Beatson Clark.

CJ Wildlife has found an alternative use for Beatson Clark’s 358ml honey jars by filling them with specially adapted peanut butter that’s perfect for our feathered friends.

The glass jar is not only packaging the food but it is also the bird feeder itself: customers simply unscrew the lid and put the jar on a flat surface so the birds can feed from it in their garden.

A glass act: Peanut butter for birds

The jars can also be inserted into a dedicated feeder supplied by the company.

Our Peanut Butter for Birds range are some of our most popular products, and we produce them in five different flavour variants,” said Claire Smith of CJ Wildlife.

The product is designed to look like the peanut butter we might eat but it has a greatly reduced salt content, making it suitable for birds to eat.

It also often includes additional protein in the form of dried insects and mealworms. These foods are popular with a range of species including sparrows, tits and woodpeckers.

As the jar is so small and simple to use it’s a viable option for people with gardens of all sizes, including balconies.

The never-ending versatility of glass

The Shrewsbury-based company, which sells bird food, bird feeders, nest boxes, wildlife habitats and plants, switched to Beatson Clark from another glass supplier because of price and quality.

The jars we purchase from Beatson Clark are used on some of our most popular products and therefore quality and reliability of supply are of paramount importance,” said Claire. “We are very happy with the service we get.”

Charlotte Taylor, Marketing Manager at Beatson Clark, said: “Glass is such a versatile packaging material that we are continually coming up with new uses for existing containers.

We’ve already seen our jam jars used for pre-mixed cocktails, beer bottles for tomato passata, and some of our pharmaceutical glass bottles have given a vintage look to several craft spirits brands.

“These peanut butter bird feeders are just the latest variation and we’re sure they won’t be the last!

In the UK CJ Wildlife supplies these products both direct to consumers via its website and to retail outlets including garden centres and pet shops nationwide.

It has recently launched two flavours of Peanut Butter for Birds under the National Trust licence.

The filled peanut butter jars are produced in Shrewsbury and many are distributed across Europe (sold in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden).

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