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Berry launches reusable tableware range

Berry Global has launched its Reusable Tableware Range, specifically tailored to meet the foodservice industry’s demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

The initiative is in response to mounting legislative and customer pressures throughout the sector to transform its packaging practices. For example, the Anti-Waste Law for Circular Economy law (AGEC) in France, mandates that restaurants and other establishments with seating for more than 20 guests must offer reusable tableware.

“We are delighted to introduce the game-changing Reusable Tableware product family which combines functionality, sustainability and advanced technologies,” said Josef Björk, VP CPI Food Service, Berry Superfos. “By choosing our reusable range, the food industry will minimise waste and reduce the use of virgin resources.”

The new range of bowls and lids has been designed to meet the diverse needs of the foodservice industry while prioritising easy reuse and convenience. Transparent lids allow attractive displays of all types of foods from full meals and fresh salads to delicious snacks and desserts. The availability of In-Mould Labelling enables both bowls and lids to be used for branding and decorated with the visual identity of individual food providers.

The bowls and lids also support on-site operations. They are stackable and easy to handle for waiting staff, allowing efficient service of multiple portions simultaneously. In addition, bowls and lids can be used interchangeably, and the lids double as plates, offering maximum flexibility. Moreover, customers can bring leftover food or takeaway meals home and later return the bowl and lid to the point of purchase for reuse.

“Switching to reusable packaging presents a challenge for the food service industry, but it also offers a valuable opportunity,” continued Josef Björk. “It allows the industry to rethink and streamline their operations, enhancing both efficient service and marketing prospects.”

For example, each bowl offers space for a QR code, barcode, Digimarc or an RFID chip with a unique code, enabling effortless implementation of return deposit systems and refill systems, wash cycles tracking and inventory management of the reusable bowls and lids. An RFID chip can also be embedded into each lid.

The bowls are manufactured in PP (polypropylene), a high-quality plastic material that is not only safe for food contact but also easy to recycle.  Their sturdy construction ensures long-term durability, with a matt outside surface structure that resists scratches, and a hygienic smooth inside surface which minimises the risk of bacteria growth.

The range is fully washable in industrial dishwashers for easy cleaning to maintain high hygiene standards. Berry has optimised the dish washer cycle of the range to enable the individual restaurant to save energy, water and time. The stackable design with inside stacking ribs simplifies storage and transportation and optimises space utilisation.

“The smart design of our Reusable Tableware Range has redefined the way restaurant food is served, enjoyed and packaged, providing foodservice professionals with multiple solutions that makes the range a practical and efficient choice for all their needs,” concluded Josef Björk.

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