Berry Recyclability Certification confirms credible PCR claims

To meet the need for reliable claims about recyclability and recycled content in packaging, the Berry Superfos facility in La Genête, France, is now RecyClass certified.

With the EU’s objective of making all plastic recyclable and reusable by 2030, companies are striving to transition from a linear towards a circular economy. As a result, some European countries, such as Spain and the United Kingdom, have already implemented, or intend to implement soon, various special taxes on non-reusable plastic packaging.

These initiatives to advance circularity make it increasingly crucial for producers in all industries to be transparent about recyclability and the use of recycled material in their plastic packaging solutions – and be able to document it.

For this reason, Berry Superfos, part of Berry Global’s Consumer Packaging International Division, has had its facility in La Genête RecyClass certified, enabling it to offer RecyClass labelling on non-food packaging pails produced at the facility.

RecyClass is a voluntary, cross-industry initiative that advances plastic packaging recyclability and promotes the traceability of plastic waste and recycled plastic content across Europe. Certification demonstrates the degree of recyclability of plastic packaging and recycled content of plastics used in products.

“Many of our customers require a reliable way to show their customers and the authorities that their packaging solutions are recyclable and contain recycled material, including the amount,” explained Sébastien Morey, Factory Manager at Berry Superfos La Genête. “RecyClass certification provides an appropriate solution for our non-food customers.

“Their response has been very positive as it now means they can make credible claims about the use of Post-Consumer Recycled (“PCR”) material as a content material in their Berry Superfos packaging solutions.”

RecyClass certification requires a thorough auditing process. Berry Superfos worked with the external auditor Terra and provided them with the necessary documentation to assess both the process and products to be certified. The La Genête facility passed the on-site audit without any difficulties. Berry can incorporate up to 80% PCR material in several of its solutions for non-food products.

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