Berry’s user-friendly Nova is the new star in sauce bottles

Berry Global is launching a new range of hot fill sauce bottles that combine an attractive on-shelf appearance with maximum consumer convenience.

Available in 250ml and 500ml sizes, the Nova bottle features a modern curved design in clear polypropylene (PP) and provides a large labelling area for high-impact product branding and easy handling for the end-user. The shape of the bottle makes it suitable for both top-down and upright use, and Berry can supply 38/400 flip-top closures in valved and valveless options to offer a complete pack solution to meet individual customer requirements.

The bottle is manufactured in PP/EVOH/PP to deliver an extended ambient shelf life for a wide range of sauce products and is suitable for both cold and hot filling up to 95oC. The multilayer structure for extended product protection, together with the top-down design and easy squeezability to maximise product evacuation and ensure accurate dispense, all help to minimise product waste. The bottle can also be recycled in domestic recycling schemes.

“These bottles offer an eye-catching shape and are also very tactile, which I believe will give them significant shelf appeal,” commented Caroline Smith, Area Sales Manager at Berry’s Corby facility.  “It has been a joy to be involved in their development.”

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