Bond is Back… With Blackwell Rum, AR Packaging and No Time To Die

Saying that fictional super-spy James Bond likes the odd drop of booze would be a work of ridiculous understatement akin to stating that Pete Doherty once had a minor penchant for heroin, so it seems only fitting that Jamaican molasses manipulator Blackwell Rum has paid tribute to the globe-trotting serial-shagger with its new limited edition 007 bottle.

Announcing its partnership with AR Packaging, Zappar, the Augmented Reality app expert, and the 007 film franchise, the new Bond-ified bottle celebrates the highly anticipated 2021 release of the 25th James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’.

No TimeTo Die is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final run as James Bond and the franchise’s 25th outing

Chris Blackwell, Co-Founder and CEO of Blackwell Rum and owner of James Bond author Ian Fleming’s former ‘GoldenEye’ residence, commented: “During my career, I have worked in lots of different media and the storytelling potential of augmented reality is just fantastic. Zappar’s technical know-how and creativity have combined in our augmented reality experience that I’m sure will put a smile on the face of Blackwell Rum drinkers around the world. The feedback from the first glimpse that we gave during Notting Hill Carnival was phenomenal and I’m sure the special edition 007 bottle will have even more of an impact.

James Bond has been a big part of my life, from my childhood lunches with Ian Fleming at GoldenEye to being a location scout on the first movie, Dr. No (1962).”

Bond-aside for a moment, by scanning the bottle’s barcode, users can launch an augmented reality (AR) experience via a custom web domain. Here they will see Chris Blackwell appear in front of the bottle on a virtual island, from which he talks about everything from his life stories, personal music selections, cocktail recipes and more.

Shaken OR stirred: Blackwell Rum in its limited edition design

Having had its release date pushed back from November 2019 to February 2020, then to April 2020 due to a string of issues, obviously including Covid-19, the current release date of ‘No Time To Die’ stands as April 2021. But, with the real-life villain of the piece still very much with us, it seems likely this will be pushed back yet again. But, on the plus side, now that you have a Bond-based premium rum, you have a licence to chill… ahem.

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