Boots & No7 Plastics Recycling Scheme Proves Massive Hit

Back in the relatively free and easy days of September, Boots & No.7 launched a new recycling initiative, encouraging customers to bring back hard-to-recycle health, beauty, and wellness empties.

Since its launch, the scheme has seen a whopping 104,235 products deposited using the innovative Scan2Recycle technology, with No7 being the top beauty brand that has been recycled.

Yorkshire-based recycling company ReWorked is taking care of the full-service recycling element of the campaign, specialising in innovative ways of dealing with hard-to-recycle plastics.

Reap the rewards of recyclng at boots

Since launch Boots has recycled 1150kg (over one tonne) of plastic, thanks to the dedication of its sustainability savvy customers. The initiative has seen over 31,000 customers signing up to take part in the scheme, scanning in 104,235 empty products using the Scan2Recycle technology.

The scheme is the first of its kind to come to market, allowing customers to recycle empty health, beauty and wellness products (even from brands not stocked at Boots), with customers receiving £5 worth of Boots Advantage Card Points when five products are deposited. The scheme is currently available in 50 stores across the UK.

Make-up packaging throughly ReWorked

With over 30 years of experience in the recycling industry, ReWorked are experts in all areas of sustainability. However, their specialism is in hard-to-recycle plastics that others often deem as ‘non-recyclable’. ReWorked are repurposing the materials into new items, such as storage containers to be reused within Boots warehouses for years to come.

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