Colour and quality unmatched for new ghd packs

New limited edition hair dryers and straighteners from ghd are being packed in high-quality colour-matched presentation boxes developed by luxury packaging specialist Pusterla Pollards.

The iD collection features ghd’s award-winning ghd helios professional hair dryer in limited-edition pastel colours, lilac and blue. The company’s ghd gold and ghd platinum+ straighteners are also being produced in the same lilac and blue respectively.

The box lids match the main colours of the hairdryers and straighteners while the decorative foiling effects correspond to the metallic accents on the back and the base of the handle of the hairdryers and the base of the straighteners – pink for the lilac boxes and lilac for the blue.

This high-impact appearance maximises the boxes’ visual appeal to promote the new models while retaining the established brand image and identity of both ranges. In particular, the eye-catching foil patterns help to convey the power and quality of the products, as well as generating a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the consumer.

Both boxes offer a robust and high-quality construction with snug-fittings lids, combining effective protection for the products with a premium image. They also contain a selection of iD collection stickers that consumers can use on their phones and laptops to display their creative side.

“Our original helios and straightener packaging from Pusterla Pollards have been a huge success and these latest boxes continue to deliver the same excellent combination of quality and aesthetics that are essential to our brand,” said James Welch, ghd’s senior packaging designer.

“The effect of the colour matching ideally conveys the fun and creativity that is an inherent part of these limited-edition products.”

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