Crown Packaging Corp expands services to meet growing demand for packaging solutions

Crown Packaging Corp. announces the addition of new branch locations in metropolitan areas across the United States to provide businesses with superior packaging solutions.

As businesses invest more in their packing and shipping operations, the role of industrial packaging companies that supply the materials and machinery required has become increasingly significant.

“With packaging usage on the rise, choosing the right supplier has never been more important,” stated Crown Packaging Corp.’s Vice President, Rich Benkelman.  “Companies want a true partner who understands, cares about, and elevates their business.”

Recognized as one of the top packaging suppliers in North America, Crown Packaging Corp. is uniquely positioned to meet this need with the expertise and resources to deliver the wide range of products, value-added services, and exceptional customer support companies require.

Since its founding in 1969, Crown Packaging has been a preferred solution provider for thousands of organizations, including the world’s largest retailers, logistics companies, and manufacturers.

To support even more businesses, Crown Packaging has recently expanded its offerings and geographic footprint.  Through the addition of new locations and warehouses in multiple cities, including Denver, Seattle, Portland, and Reno, plus affiliate branches in Mexico and Canada, Crown Packaging now has over 50 dedicated locations across North America, making it well-positioned to support large enterprises and multinational companies.

“Our regional branches enable us to deliver a superior customer experience,” said Benkelman.  “Through our nationwide network of packaging specialists, facilities, and logistics partners, we can offer services other suppliers can’t, including on-site support, local warehousing, and just-in-time delivery.”

Crown Packaging representatives perform regular supply checks to ensure their customers have the materials needed to keep their operation running smoothly.  They also identify opportunities for cost savings, efficiency gains, and quality improvement.  Benkelman added, “Customers frequently share how much they appreciate our team and view them as an extension of their staff.”

The company’s expansion aligns with its mission to help customers achieve their operational goals. “We aim to help clients solve problems,” said Benkelman. “As we grow as a company, we’re able to help more businesses improve the quality, consistency, and efficiency of their packaging processes.”

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