Dairy-Free Favourite Reinforces Plant-Based Branding

The producers of dairy-free butter-alike spread Vitalite, Saputo Dairy UK, have announced an update to its packaging to help reinforce the no-cow message.

After identifying a 15% reduction in consumer dairy and egg intake since COVID-19 kicked-off, Saputo have upped the plant-based ante and 500g tubs of Vitalite will now feature the legend ‘PLANT BASED DELICOUSNESS’ in large, friendly letters to instantly assist the dairy-free uncertain.

We have seen continued evolution in consumer attitudes to health and well-being over the past 12 months, heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Emilie Grundy, butters and spreads marketing controller at Saputo Dairy UK. “This has seen people paying closer attention to their diet and increasingly, adopting ‘flexitarian’ diets – choosing to cut down on meat and dairy while eating more plant-based foods.

With this appetite for plant-based eating at an all-time high, the moment felt right to refresh our Vitalite packaging to reinforce our plant-based credentials at shelf, adding a clear front of pack claim alongside our core dairy free brand message.”

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