Dove Launches Refillable Deodorant Packaging Made to Last a Lifetime

Dealing with the ongoing destruction of the planet one pit at a time, soap selling skincare specialist, Dove, has launched an exciting new initiative in the US that stands to reduce plastic use considerably: Dove Refillable.

Yes, refillable stainless steel deodorant packaging that comes with a lifetime guarantee, designed with a sustainable approach to using minimal materials while still attaining an easy on the eye aesthetic.

Of course, while this is a great leap forward in smellies sustainability, in order to keep the deodorant fresh and hygienic, plastic is still necessary – but to minimise its impact, Dove use 54% less plastic in their eco-friendly deodorant refills than in a regular Dove 0% stick pack. Plus, the small amount of plastic they do use is 98% recycled – everything about this is smelling good.

The scent of sustainability success

Undeniably good-looking too, the silver and white stainless steel refillable case has rounded corners, while cap features a white matte finish that looks high-end, paired with a silver base.

Dove worked closely with international campaign group A Plastic Planet to help revolutionise its use of materials; and, together, the partners teamed up with Dutch design consultancy VanBerlo to create the final packaging.

It’s taken years to perfect the sleek ergonomic design,” explains Dawn Hedgepeth, Unilever‘s general manager and vice president, Deodorants, Men’s Grooming, Hand & Body Lotion. “I personally love it – sometimes I call it the iPhone of deodorants.

It is made from super durable stainless steel. This stainless steel is able to withstand nearly 900 pounds of weight – which essentially means you can drive a car over it and not break it… that is something I consider beauty for a lifetime.”

As to the actual refills, each case contains Dove’s aluminium-free deodorant formula enriched with their signature ¼ moisturisers, to keep you odour-offending-free for 48 hours. Plus, the device is simple to use – upon opening the box, consumers will find the refillable case and one plastic refill. The refill package comes with two plastic containers in one box. You take the refill out of its plastic container, put it on the stainless steel base, then simply twist it to lock it in place – voilà! – you’re huggably hygienic for life and helping save the planet.

Available to eco-conscious US armpit-users at Target and Walmart stores across the country, the launch is a part of parent company Unilever’s mission to help care for the planet by creating a closed-loop economy, and hopefully we’ll see it expand into Europe soon too.

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