DS Smith Install EFI™ Nozomi C18000 Plus Digital Printer at its Lisbon Plant

State-of-the-art customer-specific packaging pro, DS Smith, has announced the installation of an EFI™ Nozomi C18000 Plus digital printer at its Lisbon plant. The new device will allow 100% customised, sustainable packaging to be supplied with photographic printing quality and shorter delivery times, as well as changes of image within the same order. This new device means DS Smith will be able to expand its offer to customers in Portugal and Spain.

The new EFI™ Nozomi C18000 Plus guarantees quality, gloss, sharpness and a precise finish with results equivalent to offset printing. This technology also reduces the materials required and simplifies the processes, reducing the delivery times. It also improves product traceability by allowing individual codes such as QR codes to be printed on each package.

Said Jorge Requejo, Managing Director of DS Smith Packaging Lisbon: “This solution rounds off the wide range of products currently offered by DS Smith. It will help our customers to promote their brand by customising their packaging and message, adapting to seasonal demand, gaining in both responsiveness and impact in one-off promotions, with photographic print quality and in quantities adapted to their needs.

In these difficult times the use of digital printing is becoming increasingly popular, and packaging is playing a crucial role providing brands with the capability to build their identity and stand out from competitors, both at the point of sale and, of course, in the ever-expanding arena of e-commerce. 

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