Eco Flexibles celebrates BRC Grade AA Accreditation

Eco Flexibles has achieved British Retail Consortium (‘BRC’) Global Standard for Packaging Materials certification, to AA grade, the highest standard available.

Designed to add a further layer of consumer protection and accountability, BRC accreditation certifies flexible plastic packaging that comes into direct contact with food products. This category includes the Eco Flexibles range of monopolymer flexible packaging, which comprises top web skin and lidding films, pouches and film-on-a-reel packaging.

BRC attainment follows a rigorous audit process, which sees all aspects of the business scrutinised for quality and performance, including hygiene, quality control, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The BRC scheme rates business performance on a scale from AA to D and requires robust quality and safety management systems to be in place.

Lee Ralph, Commercial & Supply Chain Manager at Eco Flexibles, explains the significance: “We make no secret that we’re seeking to shake up the sustainable packaging industry by doing things differently. For our innovative business to work, it’s essential that we can back it up with excellence in production and service. It’s one thing to create high performance sustainable packaging, but it’s another to offer the surety of supply that gives our customers confidence.

“We are delighted to announce that following a comprehensive independent audit, Eco Flexibles has received excellent Grade AA BRC accreditation – the highest level available. Consistent quality of output is absolutely central in the packaging sector, so naturally it’s an area we take very seriously. Our BRC accreditation is testament to the hard work of our team and the strong upward trajectory we are on. Eco Flexibles is a thoroughly forward-thinking business – for instance, throughout our design process and supply chain, we look to integrate automation technology wherever we can. It’s these evolutionary step-changes to our process that means our turnaround rate is second to none.”

Eco Flexibles specialises in helping brands switch existing mixed plastic flexible packaging to recycle-ready monopolymers, without compromising on performance, quality or aesthetics. Offering both bespoke packaging design alongside its collection of ‘off the shelf’ designs, the business has so far seen considerable success in Europe and North America.

Lee adds: “Eco Flexibles is building real momentum in the market; the perspective we offer on sustainable flexible packaging is striking a chord with businesses of every size. We’re expanding around the globe, and our BRC Grade AA accreditation further validates that we’re on the right path.

“Simply put, we take away a lot of the pressure points brands come up against when creating more environmentally oriented packaging. Despite surging global demand for sustainable packaging, brand owners are hampered by availability of time, resources, and expertise in-house. Our team handles packaging projects from start to finish, including all the testing and accreditation. By making the process simpler and more value-adding, we hope to really change how brands see sustainable packaging – not as an obligation, but as an opportunity.”

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