EcoTensil launch plastic-free paperboard food box with integrated cutlery

California-based EcoTensil has introduced its revolutionary, sturdy paperboard utensil built into an EcoFoodBox for simplified plastic-free foodservice in Europe.

California-based EcoTensil has introduced its revolutionary, sturdy paperboard utensil built into an EcoFoodBox for simplified plastic-free foodservice in Europe.

EcoTensil has teamed up with the makers of the award-winning NeverLeak food box, Global-C – already a leader in the travel industry – to combine the convenience and sustainability of the box with a built-in patented, award-winning paperboard utensil from EcoTensil. The revolutionary merging of these two well-established products offers food service businesses a significant reduction in space usage, people hours, and cost as opposed to separately managing hygienic utensils and food boxes.

In June, EcoTensil & Global-C were jointly awarded the 2022 ‘Ones to Watch’ Onboard Hospitality Award at the World Travel Catering Expo (WTCE) in Hamburg, Germany.

EcoTensil and Global-C won the Ones to Watch, Onboard Hospitality 2022 Award for the NeverLeak food box with an integrated EcoTensil.
EcoTensil and Global-C won the Ones to Watch, Onboard Hospitality 2022 Award for the NeverLeak food box with an integrated EcoTensil.

The multi-tensil folds back neatly inside the box so it is sandwiched between the flap in the lid, thereby being separate from the food as well as external environment, to stay clean and hygienic. One simple “bend-to-touch-the-dots” fold creates a sturdy scoop, whose pleasing satiny texture complements food and is more appetizing than dry wood, which can detract from the flavour and enjoyment of food. 

“One of the key advantages of this food box is the dramatic reduction in materials due to producing the utensil out of the extra material around the die-cut box. No wrap is needed because the utensil stays clean under the flap,” said EcoTensil founder and CEO Peggy Cross. “The terrific moisture-barrier paperboard used for the NeverLeak food box ticks all the same certified sustainability boxes as the EcoTensil products themselves.”

Ideal for travel, grab-and-go and grocery retail

“The box is made leakproof with NeverLeak technology and features Global-C’s patented EasyClick closure, so with the addition of handy EcoTensil, the meal or snack can become truly grab-and-go – and when the consumer is ready to eat, the EcoTensil multi-tensil is built right into the box,” said Wayne Costigan, Director at Global-C.
“This product is a perfect solution for airlines and transit because it can go from freezer to oven to passenger with minimal fuss and material, right down to eliminating the need to provide wrapped utensils, saving both handling and product costs. Amazingly. the EcoTensil multi-tensil can be used for just about any food that doesn’t need cutting with a knife.”

Beyond onboard catering and the travel sector, the integrated EcoFoodBox is ideal for takeaways, as well as for the deli/grab-and-go sections of grocery stores and supermarkets.

EcoFoodBox plastic-free, compostable and recyclable containers are leak-proof and suitable for all types of hot and cold menus. Remarkably, the versatile containers and attached utensil can be frozen to -40˚C and safely heated in an oven to 220˚C. The EcoFoodBox is available with or without a window made from compostable film.

“Consumers are increasingly considering the health of the planet, and expect foodservice packaging to be as sustainable as possible,” says Peggy Cross. “The box, utensil and food can all be composted, or with no food, it can all be recycled.

“Since the EcoTensil is made from the same sheet of paperboard as the box, at the same time, there is very little additional material used in the making of the utensil and no additional energy is used in making and shipping.

“In addition, the pandemic has also left people questioning food safety. The EcoFoodBox, featuring our plastic-free utensil, offers a hygienic and safe way to eat food on-the-go.”

Flustix Trustmark plastic-freecertification

“The paperboard used to make the EcoFoodBox is the most environmentally-qualified available today,” said Peggy Cross. “In addition to the prestigious Flustix plastic-free Trustmark, it possesses composability, recyclability, PFAS-free, BRC and sustainable forestry certifications.

“Our mission is to offer the most eco-friendly utensils that meet all the EU/UK’s sustainability standards while providing a terrifically pleasing taste experience as an alternative to the not-so-good tasting wooden utensils. That benefits our customers and their customers, and most importantly, the environment our children will inherit from us.”

Header image: EcoTensil’s EcoFoodBox offers a hygienic and safe way to eat food on-the-go.

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