Engineered Foam Packaging (EFP) announces acquisition of NatureKool

Engineered Foam Packaging (EFP), a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom protective packaging and cold chain solutions, has acquired the North Carolina based company, NatureKool, Incorporated, the world’s first natural fibre insulated shipper.

This acquisition represents the next building block in EFP’s efforts to provide a complete line of high quality and repeatable cold chain packaging solutions to the US market. The acquisition provides one more link in the geographic expansion of EFP’s Temperature Solutions Group and our commitment to environmental stewardship.

“We continue to invest in our business with a focus on applying our unique capabilities to unlock the value of breakthrough packaging needs,” said John Hoeper, President at EFP. “This acquisition of NatureKool augments our capabilities and strengthens our presence in the growing field of curbside recyclable packaging.”

EFP’s Temperature Solutions Group provides temperature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of pharmaceuticals, food distribution, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products using expanded polystyrene (EPS) material. With the acquisition of NatureKool, EFP will provide the same thermal performance currently used with EPS in the form of natural fiber thermal packaging. Adding NatureKool to the EFP Temperature Solutions Group will provide additional support to cold chain customers while offering environmental and health benefits to current and prospective customers.

“We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the possibilities for the future,” said Joe Grzyb, CEO of NatureKool. “The integration of NatureKool into EFP will provide the additional resources, expertise, and insights that will expand our high-performance, natural fiber insulation product lines while we continue to earn our reputation for excellence in delivery and customer service.”

NatureKool products consist of natural fibres that are grown without the use of harsh chemicals, such as pesticides that make these products compostable and kerbside recyclable. This milestone is a testament to the years long research and testing to ensure it matches the same performance as current EPS products that EFP offers.

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