Manor Launch Advice for Sustainable E-commerce Packaging Website

Standard-bearers of sustainability and corrugated box creativity Manor Packaging (part of the Fencor Packaging Group) have launched a brand-new website focusing on the unstoppable rise of e-commerce and the part the not-so-humble corrugated cardboard box plays in it.

The latest official figures state that online sales grew by 74.7% in November compared to the same time last year, with lockdown seeing shoppers head online to cope with Christmas. Now, with most of the country currently in Tier 4 and the threat of a third lockdown looming over us like the Sword of Damocles, it seems obvious that the reliance on online shopping will continue unabated.

Furthermore, as outlined by a Manor spokesperson: “When the pandemic is reduced, and freedom’s given back, it will be difficult to envisage shoppers fully going back to pre-pandemic habits although they will crave the community aspect.

Ecommerce will simply get bigger and bigger which, naturally, means competition will be stronger and stronger. Customer attraction and retention will be key, and packaging will play a huge part in that battle. Branding, brand-messages and sustainable innovation in packaging will be valuable partners to any serious e-commerce business in the future.”

More information on e-commerce, packaging sustainability and the role of the cardboard box can be found at Ecommerce Boxes, where – for the sake of transparency – you’ll also find a familiar face in the shape of me, Packaging Insight’s editor, Stuart Pritchard, offering my own views on the matter.

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