Greiner Packaging Joins International Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Greiner Packaging, a leading European manufacturer of plastic packaging in the food and nonfood sectors, is joining the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. Based in Singapore, the Alliance has over 50 member companies, supporters and allies along the entire plastics value chain who aim to use a joint, proactive approach to tackle the problem of plastic waste – especially in cities around the globe.

In joining the Alliance, Greiner Packaging pledges to invest in effective waste management, further the development of the related processes, and integrate them into recycling systems, new technologies, and projects. This approach will, in turn, make it possible to recover resources for a circular economy from plastic waste. The company has already been placing a concerted focus on these efforts for some time and is driving them forward with its own circular economy strategy. As a new member company of the Alliance, Greiner Packaging is now committing to support the alliance by contributing resources, expertise, and investment. The aim of these actions is to promote the topics of infrastructure, innovation, and waste disposal and achieve the partners’ shared vision of cities that are free of plastic waste.

Sustainability is central to who we are as a business. Greiner Packaging has been driving innovation in sustainable packaging through initiatives to design for recycling, reduce plastic use, and adopt alternative materials. We are confident that our new partnership with the alliance will help us to bring these efforts to greater heights and make a difference to the future of packaging,” says Manfred Stanek, CEO of Greiner Packaging.

The Alliance welcomes Greiner Packaging into its fold as a member. This addition expands our global footprint and is set to bring us closer to our 2025 vision to divert millions of tons of plastic waste in more than 100 at-risk cities across the globe, improve livelihoods for millions, and contribute to a circular economy,” says Jacob Duer, president and CEO of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

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