INEOS Styrolution presents sustainable styrenics solutions for the packaging industry at K 2022

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, will present its new range of sustainable styrenics solutions at K 2022.

Packaging solution providers will benefit from the reduced ecological footprint of Styrolution’s new sustainable ECO products.

Sustainable styrenics products for the packaging industry include mechanically recycled materials as well as bio-attributed products.

Styrolution® PS ECO is a 100% mechanically recycled polystyrene. First food tray applications based on this new material were introduced by companies Sirap[1] and Palamidis[2] already over the past months.

The Styrolution® PS ECO 440FC grade produced from household food packaging waste is even available with a food contact statement supplied by INEOS Styrolution.

In addition to traditional mechanical recycling of polystyrene, INEOS Styrolution also advanced its development of bio-attributed Styrolution PS ECO. INEOS Styrolution’s bio-attributed polystyrene products are made from styrene sourced from renewable ISCC-certified feedstock. Using this new feedstock as a replacement for fossil-based feedstock results in a substantial greenhouse gas saving compared to conventional polystyrene, and the product carbon footprint of bio-attributed Styrolution PS ECO is at least carbon neutral or even better (offering a negative carbon footprint). All INEOS Styrolution’s bio-attributed polystyrene products are produced according to an ISCC-certified mass balance approach.

Pacôme Mancel, Sales Director Healthcare & Packaging EMEA Specialties, says: “Polystyrene is really an amazing material for a circular economy. I am excited to be able to offer our customers mechanically recycled polystyrene at food contact quality. This is a significant step forward on our mission away from single-use applications.”

Novodur® ECO, a drop-in solution for the respective Novodur ABS, is of particular interest for cosmetic packaging applications. It is available as mechanically recycled Novodur ECO MR and as bio-attributed Novodur ECO B.

Styrolux® ECO and Styroflex® ECO are drop-in solutions for the respective SBC materials Styrolux and Styroflex. These materials that are for example used for shrink sleeve and film solutions, add to the portfolio of Styrolution’s sustainable ECO products for the packaging industry. They are based on bio-attributed styrene offering at least 76% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to styrene produced by fossil fuel. A newer version based on both, styrene and butadiene, produced from 100% bio-attributed feedstock, offers even a neutral to negative carbon footprint, when biogenic carbon is taken into account.

NAS® ECO and Luran® ECO are drop-in solutions for the respective fossil-based NAS and Luran materials that are used for example for cosmetic packaging solutions. NAS ECO and Luran ECO offer a 77% to 99% carbon footprint reduction.

Styrolux ECO, Styroflex ECO, NAS ECO and Luran ECO are all produced based on a mass balance process certified by ISCC PLUS.

Styrenics solutions for the packaging industry

INEOS Styrolution offers products for a broad range of packaging applications including rigid food packaging, foam packaging, shrink sleeves, cosmetic packaging, stretch hood and flexible film packaging.

Packaging of dairy products is a prime example for rigid food packaging, an area where INEOS Styrolution’s polystyrene in combination with Styrolux® SBC solutions are often the material of choice.

Stretch hood films are based on Styroflex PG77 in combination with polyethylene.

Shrink sleeves can reach optimal shrinkage performance thanks to the properties of various Styrolux grades.

Materials such as Terlux®, Zylar®, NAS and Luran provide a good balance between high transparency and chemical resistance, ideal for cosmetic casings and housings. Novodur® is a specialty ABS material with a high aesthetic, gloss and colourful surface appearance.

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