International award recognition for innovative Berry sustainable sprayer design

Berry Global’s trigger spray head for the circular economy, developed for its customer Werner & Mertz – already a winner in the German Packaging Awards 2022 – has achieved further recognition in the recently announced 2023 WorldStar Global Packaging Awards.

The Berry 3R circular trigger spray, which has received a WorldStar in the Household category, was developed to create a spray head which offered enhanced sustainability benefits without compromising on its performance in any way.

The design of the head follows a mono-material approach, with over 97% of it produced in polypropylene. This is significant as trigger heads normally require the precise coordination of many individual and complex parts, often made from different materials.

Equally important, the parts for the 3R are manufactured incorporating 29% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, while the entire head is 18% lighter on average than the current market standard.

In addition, to further enhance the circularity of the entire pack, the spray head is screwable for easy removal to allow the bottle to be refilled and the trigger reused several times.

In addition to these sustainability benefits, the 3R spray head still provides high levels of performance, with compact pre-compression pump ‘engine’ technology that delivers excellent spray control and even-sized particle dispersion. The ergonomic head design ensures comfortable handling and ease of use.

“The 3R circular trigger sprayer demonstrates how innovation is central to Berry’s sustainable design capabilities,” commented Vincent Clauzel, EVP & GM Berry Consumer Packaging International

“This ensures we can develop solutions for our customers that help them to meet their sustainability goals while maintaining convenience and functionality for the end user.”

The Berry 3R circular trigger sprayer is being used by Werner & Mertz across its range of household cleaners.

“We are very pleased about this important international recognition of our circular economy credentials. It was a particular challenge for us not only to bring a high proportion of recyclate into the functional components, but also to noticeably reduce the overall weight and increase the performance of the trigger,” says Werner & Mertz owner Reinhard Schneider.

Organised by the World Packaging Organisation since 1970, the WorldStar Global Packaging Awards seeks to honour the best packaging solutions from around the world.

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