Italy’s Gi.St.El. Plast Adopts NatureFlex

Strategically placed amongst Sicilian farms, Gi.St.El. Plast s.r.l. is a well-known packaging supplier in Italy. Ever since the company began, the Occhipinti Amato family have based their strategy on quality and service, presenting their customers with the best packaging solutions for their produce.

Theirs is a story of ‘family, passion and progress; a nod to the past but, always looking towards the future’. It is with this forward-looking mindset that several years ago they began to offer renewable and compostable packaging solutions made from NatureFlex™ cellulose films. These solutions are now increasingly being adopted for fresh produce flow packs.

The NatureFlex™ NVS films are printed and macro-perforated, in line with the end products’ specific requirements. These packaging films offer a unique opportunity to match the ethos of high-quality fresh produce suppliers, especially for organic products.

NatureFlex™ cellulose films solutions are now increasingly being adopted for fresh produce flow packs

Thanks to NatureFlex™ films, Gi.St.El. Plast s.r.l’s fresh produce packaging range is certified not only with the global standards for industrial composting (including EN13432), but also certified to the TŰV Austria OK Compost Home composting standard for backyard composting. This means that the films can go straight into the garden compost bin, diverting waste from landfill. The films are also renewable as they are manufactured from wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed plantations.

In addition to its sustainability credentials, NatureFlex™ NVS has been proven to run with excellent efficiencies on automatic packaging machines and to protect the freshness of the packaged products.

Stefano Occhipinti Amato, said: “We are proud to offer our valued customers a solution that fits perfectly with the principles of the circular economy. At the same time, these films satisfy the customers’ needs of easy machinability and proper product protection. Over the years, these products have become our strength and pride.”

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