JDO Creates Cool New Design for Inspira Ice Cream

Showing its excellent taste, award-winning brand design agency JDO has begun a creative partnership with Norway’s oldest ice cream producer, Hennig Olsen, by redesigning Inspira, a super-premium range of ice creams made with real, high-quality ingredients that awaken the senses.

Inspira is an exceptional product, with a rich crafted story that is tantalising and deeply authentic,” comments Paul Drake, Founder and Creative Director at JDO. “Our challenge was to express this in a way that was immediately understood, cutting through the clutter to strengthen impact at shelf and get to the heart of what makes Inspira so special.”

We’re not sure how we feel about liquorice ice cream, but we do know how we feel about JDO’s inspiring design

The new design features a distinctive pristine logo that embodies crafted indulgence, bold enough to be instantly recognised whilst also reflecting Inspira’s brand values. The ingredients of its story are told with spirited dynamism, whilst reimagining the Inspira’s signature ribbon and powerful colour to help drive differentiation.

Our work has turned Inspira’s equity into a powerful golden thread, visually connecting the brand across all touchpoints,” comments Drake. “It brings Inspira’s multi-sensorial dance of delicious indulgence and positivity to life without compromising the simplicity that drives brand impact and aids navigation.”

Pithy design with real a-peel. Ahem…

Marianne Høy Erikstad, Marketing Manager at Hennig Olsen, commented: “With a simply elegant solution that balances clarity with craft, Inspira now has an identity that can truly stand on its own. The new branding will surely deliver stronger impact at shelf and beyond, whilst still inspiring the taste buds of every Inspira consumer. For our first collaboration with our new creative partners at JDO, I must say, we are very pleased and excited by the result.”

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