Kingsmoor Launch Lightweighted Thermoformed Food Packaging

The finer things in life take time to perfect and, like a spotlessly settled pint of Guinness, are always worth the wait. And so it is that, over a year since their R&D team first started to look at how they could create lighter thermoformed packs without sacrificing strength and raison d’être, Somerset food packaging firm Kingsmoor has rolled out KPL Cirrus™.

After studying many engineering techniques, in tandem with how the processes of thermoforming plastics works, the resulting KPL Cirrus succeeds in being stronger yet lighter through the application of a unique pattern in the sidewall of the container, which forms a series of small pockets where material continually gets slightly stuck as the container is formed. This, in turn, creates stronger sidewalls with less material, thus creating a much lighter yet stronger pack.

Said Kingsmoor Packaging’s MD, James Hill: “The use of less energy, less material and the increase in transport efficiency – lightweighting is ultimately about utilising the great benefits that plastics bring to food packaging, but using only what is totally necessary to make the product fit for purpose. The initiative also enables both our customers and ourselves to reduce carbon emissions wherever we can.

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