Kit & Kin moves to paper packaging for 2023

Continuing its mission to reduce its environmental impact, Kit & Kin, the sustainable, B Corp certified nursery brand co-founded by Spice Girl Emma Bunton, is proud to announce that its multi-award-winning eco nappy range will be moving entirely to paper packaging.

This announcement will see Kit & Kin become the first UK brand within retail to make this change – pioneering an even more sustainable offering and marking a truly fantastic start to 2023! 

Kit & Kin’s new paper packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper, a fully renewable resource, and is a development the brand has been working on for a long time. From today Kit & Kin will continue to offer its customers the same incredible quality products, now with even more environmentally friendly packaging. 

The ground-breaking news follows the recent announcement that Kit & Kin is officially B Corp certified, firmly cementing the brand’s dedication to the environment. Speaking about the all-new paper packaging, co-founder Emma Bunton said: “At Kit & Kin, everything we do is based on creating products that are better for baby, better for our world, and give back.  We’re honoured that our customers trust us to provide gentle, sustainable products that are as kind to the planet, as they are to their littles ones’ skin. ` We are committed to protecting our world as best we can and are always looking for ways that we can do better, and reduce our environmental impact further. We are so proud to have made this move to paper packaging and to be the first UK brand within retail to make this change.”

Not only is Kit & Kin’s eco nappy range the UK’s first within retail to make the move to paper packaging, it’s also the most accredited eco nappy on the market, including FSC, Allergy Certified and Dermatest. Produced in a carbon neutral plant, the nappies are made using sustainably sourced, plant-based materials, making them kind on baby’s skin and our planet. Not to mention that Kit & Kin is the only nappy brand to purchase and protect acres of precious rainforest – with every subscription personally protecting five trees, which will never face deforestation, helping to maintain this vital ecosystem for generations to come. 

As well as boasting unrivalled eco credentials, the nappy is bursting with innovative features to guarantee premium performance. A unique flash dry layer will instantly absorb and lock away wetness to keep baby’s bottom comfortable, and the patented channel technology promises to evenly distribute liquid around the nappy to give 12-hour leak protection and avoid any sagging. They also have super stylish designs for the cutest bottoms around! 

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