Kite On a Roll With Eco-Friendly Tissue Paper

Kite Packaging has introduced an eco-friendly tissue paper alternative that is FSC certified and fully recyclable after use. Consequently, businesses can enhance the customer experience with aesthetic gift wrapping while retaining their green credentials.

Furthermore, the roll configuration enables the user to load the tissue paper onto Kite’s purpose-made dispenser for an accelerated pack time. The intuitive pull and tear operation requires neither staff training nor any additional cutting tools. In addition, material is conserved since only the amount required is torn off as opposed to the entire sheet that would likely be utilised when using conventional tissue. Conversely, the user can comprehensively cover a larger product without the need to overlap multiple sheets which might result in a messier presentation and increased waste once again. Kite’s tissue paper rolls grant increased flexibility and versatility while demonstrating the company’s affinity with simple yet highly practical solutions.

These products, available in a spectrum of bright colours, are perfectly placed at a packing station or on a shop floor for use at the point of purchase. The convenient dispenser alleviates pressure put onto retailers for fast yet impressive gift wrapping while other customers may be waiting to be served. This user-friendly product addition works wonderfully alongside Kite’s other environmentally conscious ecommerce products.

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