Kite Packaging Launch Hands-Free Heat Sealer

Suitable for everyday use, Kite’s heavy duty heat sealers produce a perfect seal every time. They have adjustable temperature and sealing time dials and a cutting blade for clean lines, they’re suitable for sealing polythene, polypropylene, and PVC, and they can be used with pre-made bags or with Kites range of lay flat tubing to make custom sized bags.

The range also includes optional accessories, designed to combine to offer an effortless, efficient, and seamless operation, such as their semi-automatic foot pedal which enables hands-free use, while an adjustable working table provides uniform packages and an unrolling device to place your bags on for a seamless integration.

Kite now offers their three most popular widths with a foot pedal included, so embrace the opportunity to gets hands-off on heavy duty heat sealing.

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