Kite Packaging Launch Wax Lined E-commerce Food Boxes

Like an unstoppable bulldozer egged on by each new lockdown, e-commerce is forever changed and in a COVID and post-COVID world, the most likely way forward.

Fully embracing this, employee-owned packaging business, Kite Packaging, has expanded its range of packaging for the food industry by adding wax lined boxes to their leading B2B e-commerce website.

Wax lined boxes, or ‘meat boxes’, are suitable for direct contact with food thanks to their PE (wax lining) and are strong, robust, fibre-based, solid board boxes ideal for packing moist and chilled solutions, even in humid environments. One of their added benefits is that food can be directly frozen or stored in the box without the need for additional bags, however, if additional bags are favourable, they can also be used in conjunction with Kite’s range of blue tint gusseted bags.

Commonly used within the food industry to transport or store raw meat, poultry, cakes, vegetables and much more, they are available in two sizes, both of which are idiot-proof to erect.

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