Lush Launches ‘Bring It Back’ Packaging Return Initiative

Purveyors of cruelty free cosmetics and bit-filled bath-bombs, Lush, are allowing finely scented customers to return Lush plastic packaging to their local high street Lush to be recycled or reused.

As reward for helping to save the planet, for every full-sized empty Lush piece customers bring back, they’ll given a shiny 50p deposit to spend in store that day.

Launched on Feb 1st, the Bring it Back scheme specifies four types of plastic packaging which can be returned:

  • Clear plastic bottles (with lids)
  • Pots clear & black (with lids)
  • Makeup packaging
  • Bottles with trigger/spray tops

All returned packaging will be sent to the Greenhub, Lush’s UK recycling facilities, where it is processed and sent to the company’s partners to be remoulded into new black Lush pots or used as industry feedstock material.

Returned packaging is sent to the Greenhub, Lush’s UK recycling facilities, to be processed

Lush co-founder and product inventor, Rowena Bird, said: “We are the difference in the cosmetic industry, we have the ideas and the passion, it’s then about making those ideas a reality by getting everyone to join in.

So spread the word, let’s put some positivity into plastic, after all it’s not plastic that’s the baddy, we’re the baddies when we don’t reduce, reuse, and recycle it. Don’t be a baddy, be a ‘Lushie’ and claim your 50p deposit!

Rae Stanton-Smithson, Lush Earthcare, adds: “We are working hard to offer people the ultimate waste-free shopping experience. We continue to invent revolutionary naked products, unique packaging materials, work on reusable plastic packaging items as well as looking into refilling options for the future.

This recycling scheme is another step on our path to leaving the world Lusher than we found it.”

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