Microban to participate in exclusive K-Talk panel discussion on sustainable plastic packaging

Microban International has announced that it will be participating in an exclusive online K-Talk panel discussion at 3pm on September 1.

Brought to you by K, the number one trade fair for plastics and rubber, K-Talk is a series of insightful panel discussions bringing fresh perspectives on the latest technical innovations in the plastics industry. Dr Ivan Ong, Vice President of Research and Development at Microban, will be joining the event to delve into one of the greatest challenges facing the plastics trade: how to improve the sustainability of plastic packaging.

Microorganisms can adhere to plastic surfaces – including food containers and refillable packaging options – leading to staining, odours and premature degradation that result in early product disposal. For over 35 years, Microban has developed advanced antimicrobial technologies that continuously prevent microbial growth on plastic products and surfaces. Dr Ong will take part in the K-Talk panel discussion entitled ‘Rethinking Plastic Packaging’ to explore how these innovations can help to extend the usable lifetime of packaging, supporting the industry with sustainability targets and encouraging consumers to continually reuse products where possible.

In addition to K-Talk, Microban also looks forward to exhibiting at K 2022 from 19th to 26th October, where it will showcase its new range of ground-breaking, non-heavy metal technologies for plastics. These innovative formulations represent Microban’s ongoing commitment to developing more sustainable antimicrobial solutions. Visit Microban at booth 7AC24 to learn how these technologies can help manufacturers reach their sustainability goals.

Don’t miss out! Click here to learn more about the K-Talk panel discussion.

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