Mind The Gap – Important tips for start-ups when engaging with Contract Manufacturers and Packers in the food sector

A lesson in how to develop effective partnerships with third-party contract manufacturing for start-ups, and how to avoid the pitfalls

Emma Verkaik, Membership & Marketing Director of the BCMPA, the Association for Contract Manufacturing, Packing, Fulfilment & Logistics, has teamed up with Nick Henson FIFST, of NH Development Services, to host an insightful presentation  

Entitled ‘Mind the Gap – Important tips for start-ups when engaging with Contract Manufacturers and Packers in the food sector’ at the IFE live webinar event taking place on Tuesday 12 October.

Aimed at helping start-up firms get the most out of engaging with contract manufacturers and packers, the hour-long talk will highlight some of the do’s and don’ts for new businesses when planning how to take their projects forward from development and into production.

The presentation seeks to walk beginners through the process from start to finish, highlighting many of the avoidable pitfalls along the way. It will touch on the importance of developing and maintaining a strong dialogue between themselves and contract manufacturers and packers, and the key areas to focus on.

Industry expert Emma has more than three decades of industry experience, from running her own packaging firm to representing BCMPA members for the last 10 years.

Emma said: “The BCMPA plays a major role in helping start-ups to get their projects off the ground and I hope this webinar will be of further use to them in taking their concept through development and into production.

“BCMPA members have a wealth of experience in manufacturing, packing, fulfilment, logistics and supply chain management, and we are keen to be able to provide practical advice to new start-ups on how best to engage with them to ensure successful results all round.  BCMPA members are experts in their field and effective outsourcing enables start-ups to concentrate on their core skills in terms of building their business and marketing, leaving the challenges surrounding production to their outsourcing partners.

“This webinar will give a clear, informed insight into the best way to develop a strong, constructive partnership between client and contract manufacturer, delivering effective and rewarding results for both parties from the outset.”

After Emma’s presentation, Nick Henson FIFST, of NH Development Services, will talk more specifically on product development and NPD, from concept to manufacture, formulation and early development, through food safety and stability, to legal requirements, scaling up and packaging. His considerable experience in collaborative innovation has seen him work with an extensive list of co-manufacturers.

The webinar will finish with an open Q&A session.

To sign up and save your free place on the webinar visit: https://bit.ly/3lwODzk

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