MPMA Hunt for the Nation’s Most Treasured Tin

Are you the kind of person who hoards random things in old tins previous created to contain something quite different? Well, hoarder, the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) is looking for you, having launched a nationwide hunt to uncover the UK’s most treasured tins.

The trade association is asking the public to send in photos of their oldest and most treasured tins using the hashtag #huntfortreasuredtins for a chance to win a Fortnum & Mason hamper packed with tinned goodies.

Robert Fell, MPMA CEO and director, comments: “Maybe you have an ancient OXO tin first used by gran to store gravy cubes, but which now belongs to you; or an ancient sweet tin – beautifully decorated and still in great condition. As we’re still locked down at home for a while yet, why not share your most treasured tin?

Historically, these ‘speciality tins’ have been given as gifts at Christmas, filled with sweets or biscuits. Or produced to commemorate special occasions such as a royal wedding or coronation. More recently they have been produced to present a wider range of products such as teas, wines and spirits, pastas and even non-food and drink items such as DIY tools.

One thing they all have in common though is that they are highly decorated and imaginative tins with clever finishes such as unique shapes embossing or spot varnishing. And they are all designed to be reused indefinitely.

Entrants are invited to take a photo of their treasured tin, describe what it is currently used for, and how it originally came into their possession. Entries can be submitted via email to [email protected]. The hunt closes at midnight on 21st April 2021 and a winner will be selected after this date.

Robert Fell adds: “From previous MPMA research, we know that over half of adults are likely to keep a tin for over five years or more, but many tins are kept as treasured keepsakes for generations.

These tins may never enter the recycling process, but are simply re-used again and again in the home. In our previous survey, these speciality tins were used multiple times to store everything from biscuits, cakes, buttons, sewing kits, nails and even Mum’s ashes.”

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