New 7-layer cast/blown film extruder investment at Norner to support packaging circularity

Norner have installed a new state of the art 7-layer cast/blown film extrusion line.

This will strengthen their capabilities in development of circular flexible packaging with barrier and recycled content. The new line is supplied by Collin Lab and Pilot Solutions, a highly-recognised machine supplier from Germany.

Norner already has an advanced development centre for film and sheet applications and flexible packaging which include several extrusion lines, an MDO pilot together with extensively equipped laboratories for testing materials, films and packages.

The new line fits well into their pilot infrastructure and will support customers with innovations and pilot trials with its flexibility and reliability. We can run a wide range of materials as well as pilot trials with barrier film structures in both cast and blown film technology. This will enable developments in sustainable mono-material flexible packaging, healthcare applications as well as technical applications. The films can also be run on MDO for investigations of MDO barrier films.

“Our target is to offer better services with a focus on circularity and recyclability. With the new line we can produce prototype films with even higher performance to support mono-material developments,” said Asbjørn Noraberg, Manager of Application Pilot Centre at Norner.

This Collin 7-layer line can produce both cast and blown films as well as cast sheet up to 550mm width which enable the films to be laminated, printed and used in commercial packaging lines. This is important for further upscaling of innovative solutions into commercial production.

In addition, the line can make mono and multilayer sheets up to 2 mm thickness which fits very well for material development and testing for trays, cups and other thermoformed applications.

“This is the largest investment ever made by Norner and we truly believe it will provide benefits for our customers. We have significantly increased our capabilities with this flexible and reliable pilot line”, said Morten Augestad, BUVP Consumables at Norner.

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