Plastic specialist ALPLA grows turnover to €4bn

Austria-based packaging solutions and recycling specialist ALPLA Group has increased its turnover in the 2021 financial year by 8.4% to €4bn.

Additionally, the number of employees worldwide increased to 22,100. In addition to investments in recycling and in the development of bio-based and biodegradable plastics, the company expanded through acquisitions and participations.

CEO Philipp Lehner said: “We have put ourselves in a strong position internationally in recent years, invested in the recyclability of plastics and in new technologies and materials, and achieved a new sales record in 2021. We want to secure this positive development sustainably and in the long term.”

Since 2021, the ALPLA Group has invested an average of €50m annually in the expansion of recycling activities. By 2025, the recycling loops are to be closed in as many regions as possible.

Lehner added: “Our customers’ demand for high-quality recycled materials is also growing outside Europe. In the long term, we want to cover between 70 and 80 per cent of demand with our own production.’

Growth of three to five per cent is the target for the 2022 financial year. Numerous projects and acquisitions in the US, Mexico, APAC and Western Europe has enabled the company to strengthen existing and enter new product and market segments.

With the new APAC region coming on stream in early 2022, ALPLA is also expanding the reach of its mould technology in the growing Asian market and driving the expansion of the circular economy in the region.

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