ProAmpac announce partnership with University of Manchester’s Recon2

ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, has partnered with the non-profit Recon², a University of Manchester, UK  spin-off company, in support of a patented technology quantifying recycled content in plastic products and packaging.

In response to new legislation to increase recycling efforts in the EU and UK, through this partnership, ProAmpac will work with researchers at the University of Manchester’s Innovation Factory and Recon2 to incorporate this breakthrough technology for quantifying recycled content into flexible packaging platforms.

In conjunction with OPRL, a standardized trust mark certification and labeling strategy will be used to inform customers about the post-consumer recyclate (PCR) levels. The core technology explored in this study will underpin this certification, resulting in increased customer confidence in meeting their sustainability goals.  

“In an effort to address recycled content that did not previously have quantifiable capabilities, we believe the Recon2 technology has the potential to provide a clear indication of the quantity of recycled content in packaging where today there is no method to quantify. This promotes accountability and transparency within the PCR supply chain and showcases ProAmpac’s dedication to the impact of our sustainability initiatives,” said ProAmpac’s Robert Crowe, Technical Director for Blown Films in Europe.

Dr. Thomas Bennett, Director at Recon2 and Research Fellow at Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub at the University of Manchester, said: “We are excited to partner with ProAmpac as they participate in this breakthrough development. Their participation will help further this technology as we engage with the plastics and packaging sectors to create fit-for-purpose industry-specific innovations.”

ProAmpac has developed several university partnerships to help advance their world-class material science innovations, including Polytechnique MontréalClemson UniversityRutgersDr. Kit Yam, and the Rochester Institute of Technology

To learn more about Recon² recycled content technology, contact [email protected].

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