ProAmpac European launch of new high-performance Mono PE Recyclable Film

ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, announces the launch of ProActive Recyclable R-2050, their newest patent-pending addition to the ProActive Recyclable series of polyethylene-based structures, being introduced to serve the European market.

R-2050’s unique performance characteristics make it an ideal replacement for conventional multi-material laminates without affecting the high-speed filling line efficiencies.

R-2050 is the newest member of the ProActive Sustainability family and is available in standard and high-barrier versions to maintain or extend the shelf life of food products. Both platforms are widely recyclable in Europe through existing streams, and OPRL compliant in the UK for front-of-store drop-off.

“ProAmpac continues to deliver on our mission to help our customers meet their sustainable packaging goals. The ProActive Recyclable® R-2050 series is now produced and available in the United Kingdom and Europe as a sustainable alternative to conventional multi-material laminated structures without sacrificing performance,” states Adam Grose, chief commercial officer for ProAmpac.

Available in rollstock or premade pouches with optional recyclable reclose features, the R-2050 series is ideal for various applications, including dry foods, frozen foods, pet treats and fresh produce.

“R-2050 is engineered to have high clarity and drop resistance, excellent stiffness and dimpling resistance for a premium shelf appearance,” states Hesam Tabatabaei, global vice president of product development and innovation at ProAmpac. “R-2050 provides superior puncture resistance and excellent directional tear without the need for laser scoring. Engineered with superior heat resistance, R-2050 allows for optimal speeds, a wide operating window, and high efficiencies on high-speed horizontal, vertical, and flow wrap form fill sealing lines,” added Tabatabaei.

R-2050 utilizes ProAmpac’s award-winning high definition (HD) flexographic printed graphics and is available with matte or gloss registration to offer brands a package that pops off the shelf. In addition to the R-2050, ProAmpac offers a range of ProActive Recyclable film and paper-based flexible packaging solutions.

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