Proseal Makes Machine Obsolescence Obsolete

Sustainability is the name of the game these days, not just within the packaging the industry produces, but also within the machines they use to produce it. As such, tray sealing specialist Proseal ensure the longevity and continuing reliability of its equipment through its ‘No Good Machine Left Behind’ initiative.

Proseal proactively seeks to upgrade the many older machines that are operating at customer sites throughout the world. This allows companies to benefit from Proseal’s latest performance enhancements and, equally important, prevents unnecessary downtime or, worse still, machine obsolescence through the unavailability of essential parts and service support.

Upgrade older machines with Proseal’s ‘No Good Machine Left Behind’ initiative

At Proseal, we have always prided ourselves in providing a fast quality service to all our customers,” explained Daryl Henshaw, Key Accounts Manager, Proseal. “This can become more challenging with older machines, where the potential discontinuation of vital components could mean a simple part replacement now requires a much more comprehensive and time-consuming upgrade. It is therefore much better that such an upgrade is carried out in a planned fashion rather than at a critical point during production.

Major Proseal innovations dating back to 2008 can be added to previous model ranges as part of ‘No Good Machine Left Behind’, thanks to Proseal‘s commitment to designing its machinery with the future in mind.

The innovations include Eseal®, an energy saving high-force electric heat seal system. Making this upgrade not only provides sustainability benefits but cost savings too. The latest Eseal technology is available under Proseal’s industry leading Service Exchange programme, allowing rapid servicing using off-the-shelf components. This means that what was once a strip down of the lower part of the machine, pneumatic or otherwise, is now a simple service exchange of a single subassembly. All parts provided through this Service Exchange programme come with the same comprehensive warranty as new components.

Major Proseal innovations dating back to 2008 can be added to previous model ranges

In addition, many customers have taken advantage of the additional connectivity offered by upgrading their machinery to have an internet gateway installed. This allows Proseal engineers to remotely dial into the machine while speaking with the engineers on site to directly diagnose faults.

Such connectivity also allows for the utilisation of ProVision™, Proseal’s online OEE and downtime analyser that offers a clear view on performance; and when the equipment does need attention, there is historic data that describes the chain of events prior to a stoppage.

Other available upgrades include servo driven film feed that allows increased control of film movement, and Quick Release (QR) conveyors for swift removal and replacement, which speed up and simplify regular cleaning and maintenance.

Another important element of the programme allows Proseal and its customers to keep moving forward sustainably. Proseal will often take back old machinery where possible, to be completely refurbished, upgraded and then either recommissioned or offered for resale. This provides a cost-effective means for companies to introduce tray sealers into their operations for the first time or expand their production capacity, while reducing scrappages, waste and CO2 emissions.

The obsolescence of older components can threaten our well-renowned fast response times and lead to the untimely demise of otherwise still reliable and well performing machines,” concluded Daryl. “With ‘No Good Machine Left Behind’, we are delivering both enhanced performance benefits and complete peace of mind to customers.”

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