Quadpack sets up laboratory services in the Americas

Beauty brands in the Americas now have access to testing services of their packaging at Quadpack’s facilities in Dallas, Texas.

The international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider has established a US test lab in response to increasing demand. It complements the central laboratory, at its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. The service adds a further level of quality control, as Quadpack seeks to offer solutions in the region, for the region.

The US laboratory is furnished with high-tech equipment to conduct leakage, weight loss, torque, decoration resistance, tube sealing, formula ageing and a host of other tests. The value-added service is available to support brands in the development stage of their packaging. The Dallas facility also offers stocking, decoration and assembly services and operates the InStockPack e-commerce site.

Quadpack’s central laboratory in Europe is fully equipped for homologations, change controls and compatibility tests, the latter being a legal responsibility of beauty brands.

Quadpack is currently recruiting for its test facilities in Shanghai, China, to further extend the service in Asia, thereby establishing test labs in all three of its key territories.

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