Recyclable 2cc dispenser from Berry delivers on sustainability and versatility

Berry Global has become one of the first packaging manufacturers to develop a recyclable lock-up 2cc dispenser. The new Berry Wave2cc, a product of the Company’s B Circular range, meets market demands for a more sustainable version of the popular pump format that is widely used for a variety of personal care products including liquid soaps, body lotions, body milks, shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments.

The 2cc size is the first in Berry’s new Wave atmospheric dispenser platform, with 3cc, 4cc and 0.25ml versions to be launched in the future. The company expects to invest over $100 million in the coming years in manufacturing capabilities throughout its global operations in order to provide localised supply to meet the identified demand from both national and international customers.

Jean-Marc Galvez, President, Consumer Packaging International (CPI) Division at Berry Global, said; “Circular innovation plays a fundamental role in delivering the sustainable and versatile dispensing solutions our customers demand. We are proud of our new Wave global platform. Our significant investment will sustain our global leadership in circular dispensers meeting local needs across our global manufacturing footprint.”

The Berry Wave2cc is made from 100% polyolefin, with no metal parts, which makes the dispenser recyclable when paired with a PET bottle where appropriate facilities exist. This has gained the Wave2cc a RecyClass A rating. It will also be available containing up to 70% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. *

Alongside these improved sustainability benefits, the Berry Wave2cc offers excellent flexibility and adaptability for manufacturers, together with many user-friendly benefits for end-consumers. In particular, for the growing personal care e-commerce market, the strength of its construction has achieved the ISTA6 certification when combined with Berry’s wide range of stock bottles in 200ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre sizes.

At the same time, the robust design of the Wave2cc means it is able to handle even the most viscous formulations, such as hair conditioners, to ensure consistent, reliable and accurate dosing of all product types. In addition, the dispenser is showerproof. For brand owners, these benefits make the Wave2cc the ideal multifunctional solution, which can be used across their entire product ranges, thereby significantly simplifying supply chains and providing economies of scale. 

A further advantage of the dispenser’s construction is that, through innovative design, Berry has reduced the number of components to just eight, compared to the 12 to 14 components that are typically found in other versions.

A user-friendly benefit of the Wave2cc is the dispenser’s locking system which has the ability to operate in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This provides added convenience for consumers while giving the dispenser greater flexibility in meeting the requirements of different filling lines.

The flexible design of the Wave2cc also means it can be adapted to different actuator styles and closure sizes to enable customers to satisfy individual branding requirements.

The new dispenser will be available from the end of 2022.

Vincent Clauzel, Head of Berry CPI Care, responsible for the Dispensing, Closures and Healthcare markets commented: “This significant investment in our new Wave platform demonstrates our global design and engineering expertise in the development of products that meet the latest consumer and market requirements. In particular, as part of our B Circular initiative, it underlines our commitment to create packaging solutions that maximise the many benefits of plastics while ensuring the packages can also play a valuable role in the circular economy. In this way, we help our customers to meet and exceed their sustainability goals.”

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* The Wave2cc will be available with up to 70 percent post-consumer resin (PCR) that has been independently evaluated by the U.S. FDA and issued a no objection letter (NOL).

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