SCRUBS sustainable recycled plastic bucket innovation

In the future, all buckets of the popular SCRUBS IN-A-BUCKET product line will be made from recycled plastic – immediately recognisable by a new design.

After last year’s market launch of the SCRUBS plastic-saving refill pack, this is the next sustainability innovation from the manufacturer which produces the wipes in their German facility in Eislingen/Fils.

In the field of professional consumables and cleaning agents, environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, and climate-friendly products are gaining momentum because sustainability is increasingly becoming a decisive procurement criteria. In the segment of professional grade wet wipes, SCRUBS® showed an important sustainability innovation at the professional cleaning trade show Interclean in Amsterdam: All buckets of SCRUBS IN-A-BUCKET® with 72, 30, and 15 wipes are completely switched over to recycled plastic in the coming weeks, which will also be fully recyclable.

SCRUBS sets the benchmark for sustainability
Users automatically benefit from the sustainable innovation now the entire production is switched to the new buckets and can be easily recognised with their new design.

“For circular economy to work, three conditions must be met: firstly, the basic material must be recyclable, secondly, the recycled plastic must find buyers, and thirdly, the product made from recycled plastic must itself be recyclable again – we have taken all this into account with our new SCRUBS® buckets,” said Dr. Lisa Marholt, product manager at SCRUBS supplier ITW Industrial Solutions in Eislingen/Fils, Germany. “By converting our total production, we make it particularly easy for our customers, as everyone then automatically benefits from the increased sustainability.”

Since last year there has been a refill pack for the bucket with 72 wipes that saves more than 90% plastic when refilled. The refill pack is compatible with the new bucket as well.

Plastic tax savings and reduced bureaucracy
Italy introduces it in a very complex form from July 1, Spain and the UK already have it: Taxes on single-use plastic packaging made of synthetic fresh plastic. Since the new SCRUBS® buckets are made of recycled plastic, they do not fall under these taxes or no longer do so.

The ultra-strong wipes for hands, tools, and machines
The pre-moistened hand and universal cleaning wipes SCRUBS are a cosmetic product and are professional grade helpers in many industrial and craft businesses. They remove and trap dirt and soil such as oils, grease, tar, paints, lubricants, adhesives, inks and dyes, soot, and asphalt without the use of water from hands, tools, and machines. One side of the blue wipes with orange scent has a rough surface for optimised cleaning of embedded soils without scratching; the other side is soft for gentle hand cleaning. With their NSF E4 certification, the SCRUBS hand cleaning wipes are preferred for use in the food and drink industry on machines located in the immediate vicinity of food production lines.

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