Sealpac UK Celebrates 25 Years

Many things were different back in 1996 – people first began to hear of something called ‘Pokemon’, Fox News took its initial falteringly biased steps on air, the internet consisted of just 100,000 websites (with only a handful containing porn or kittens), and the UK suddenly had access to high-quality traysealing technology for the first time, as Sealpac began trading.

Yes, a very Happy 25th Anniversary to Sealpac don Dorset-way who, from those early days, have now supplied over 250 machines and over 600 tooling sets to produce the highest quality hermetically sealed trays in a number of different applications.

Throughout the years, Sealpac has taken on a number of partnerships with various suppliers, addressing the growth and complexity of the food industry, enabling them to continue to offer their customers the very best solutions available.

Today, they offer solutions which allow for more efficient sorting and inspection, more accurate weighing and portioning, and more reliable quality assurance measures, as well as seasonal BBQ skewering machines, and the traysealing packaging machinery they’re best known for.

Plus, not even taking timeout during a pandemic, in 2020, Sealpac became the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor of SHEFF, a brand-new pick and place automation tool with intelligent vision.

That’s a busy and successful 25 years, and we at Packaging Insight raise a collective glass to Managing Director Kevin Witheford and the Sealpac team – here’s to the next 25!

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