Smurfit Kappa Unveils New E-Commerce Booze Packaging Portfolio

As ever more people pick up on the hot on-going trend of staying at home and drinking heavily, Smurfit Kappa has addressed this by launching a new range of eBottle packaging solutions for the online beverage and liquids market. The new portfolio includes a variety of sustainable solutions for single and multi-pack products, including the Rollor bottle pack, BiPack, and Pop-up insert.

The surge in e-commerce due to the Covid-19 pandemic is evident across all sectors and the beverage market has also seen a significant impact. In particular, online sales for alcoholic beverages has increased by 34% in Europe, driving a demand for sustainable, durable and consumer friendly packaging that protects the product during shipment.

Smurfit Kappa’s new Rollor Bottle Pack

The key challenges faced by the beverage e-commerce channel are product damage, sustainability, consumer experience and the ability to accelerate growth using the right packing processes. Consumer research carried out by Smurfit Kappa also shows consumers are continuing to push for higher standards, with over two thirds (69%) of consumers prefer paper-based packaging, over half (59%) of consumers wanting the parcel to be easy to open (drunks with scissors are a no-no), and1 in 10 consumers will reconsider re-ordering in the case of damage.

Commenting on the announcement, Arco Berkenbosch, VP Innovation and Development at Smurfit Kappa Europe, said: “Our new eBottle product range offers beverage businesses a suite of fit-for-purpose and bespoke packaging solutions which address the key challenges for their e-commerce channel. The innovative range, combined with our focus on e-commerce processes, supply chain and consumer experience, have all contributed to increased sales and greater efficiencies for our customers.”

The eBottle portfolio has been designed and developed primarily for the wine and spirits category, but it can be applied to any category that uses glass and bottles, for example, juices, olive oils and water.

The cunningly protective Pyramid Insert

A Lotta Bottle

All the designs are fully customisable in dimensions and material for use with any bottle size and shape.

Pyramid insert – Efficient and safe: the ideal solution for a single bottle delivery. The Pyramid insert is an innovative way to perfectly protect your fragile product. 

Cuboid insert – Easy and safe: the perfect e-commerce solution to save the bottle and label. The Cuboid insert gives you the possibility of a larger surface area to personalise.

Protected gift – Premium experience: the perfect e-commerce solution for a gift. The Protected gift pack gives you large communication areas to impress your customer through graphics and the wine labels will be perfectly presented.

Rollor bottle pack – Iconic, disruptive and unexpected. The Rollor bottle pack is the perfect way to surprise your customer with a single bottle delivery. This solution offers full protection in a stand-out shape.

Bag-in-Box – Safe, efficient and revolutionary: a different way to deliver your liquid products. This solution maximises the parcel space, saving CO2 during transport. Choose Bag-in-Box for a rewarding and ready to ship delivery.

Divider 3-in-1 – Durable and simple: the Divider 3-in-1 is the perfect e-commerce solution to increase your productivity in delivery. This solution can be automated and the pack can hold 3 or 6 bottles.

Heavy duty pack – Extra strong protection for your fragile product. The Heavy duty pack is the right choice when looking for extra safety. This solution can hold 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 bottles. 

Pop-up insert – Safe, easy and fast: the perfect e-commerce solution to increase your productivity and at the same time to have an exceptional unboxing experience. The Pop-up insert is a modular solution, giving full visibility of your products and can hold 3 or 6 bottles.

eStack – Premium feeling: the eStack solution allows you to place your branding on large surfaces and highlight your bottles. Clever solution to secure bottles with different heights, ideal for mixed products.

BiPack – Premium and unexpected: the BiPack is the perfect solution to surprise your customer. The solution provides full protection for the product as well as an excellent unboxing experience. Communicate your brand by changing the inside print.

The Pop-up Insert protects and provides an unboxing experience for customers

Automating eBottles

Smurfit Kappa also offers a host of automated solutions to optimise packaging processes in addition to the eBottle range. The launch of this new product portfolio is the latest addition to its range of Better Planet Packaging, designed to be more sustainable and coming from a renewable and recyclable raw material.  Businesses are already benefitting in the alcoholic beverage segment.

Herwin Wichers, Market Development Director at Smurfit Kappa, said: “The online European alcohol beverage market is worth €5.6 billion and we want to help companies take advantage of the real growth and opportunity in this segment.”

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