Strong partnership for the circular economy: Landbell acquires a stake in Source One

Landbell AG joins Source One GmbH with a share of 25.1 per cent. Uwe Echteler, member of the board of Landbell AG and COO of the DACH region, and Kai Hoyer, owner and managing director of Source One GmbH, signed the shareholder agreement on March 29, 2023.

The operator of take-back and collection systems and the operative consulting company on all questions of sustainability are thus creating further circular economy synergies. The concrete goal of the cooperation is to drive forward the closed-loop recycling of post-consumer packaging.

Sustainable and tailor-made: customised recycling options

Landbell and Source One are specifically deepening their existing partnership at pre-defined points of intersection. For both companies, the corporate link is a logical consequence of the trustful cooperation to date and paves the way for innovative projects. The focus of the joint activities is to bring post-consumer waste that is difficult to recycle back into the recycling process with the help of innovative technologies and to expand the global infrastructure for this. In this way, the two companies are responding to the steadily increasing demand for high-quality recyclates and addressing the individual needs of their customers.

Closed-loop systems: well positioned together

“In Source One we have a dynamic and creative partner whose wealth of innovation excites us,” said Uwe Echteler, who will now also be active as managing director of Source One. “Together we can serve the markets flexibly and securely with circular economy solutions.” Kai Hoyer also expects sustainable positive effects from the cooperation: “Our common core concern is the conservation of resources. Landbell is therefore the perfect partner for us to create further synergies for the circular economy. We will jointly close and optimise product cycles.”

Header image: Kai Hoyer (right), Managing Director of Source One GmbH, and Uwe Echteler (left), Member of the Board of Landbell AG and COO of the DACH region.

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