SupplyOne highlights commitment to packaging sustainability

SupplyOne, Inc., the largest independent supplier of custom corrugated and other value-added packaging products, equipment, and services in the US, highlights its commitment to sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of its own business operations and by delivering customized packaging solutions that enable customers to achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or profitability.

SupplyOne approaches sustainability with a complete perspective that spans every aspect of packaging ownership, from design and material selection to packaging-related processes and distribution through end-of-life. SupplyOne packaging engineers and designers create custom eco-friendly packaging solutions that are purpose-built to optimize each customer’s operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase working capital.

“We use a 360-degree approach to the development of sustainable solutions. Our packaging specialists evaluate the current packaging and packaging-related processes, conducting a systematic analysis to identify opportunities to help customers achieve their sustainability goals,” said Steve Lang, Vice President, Supply Chain at SupplyOne. “Our material and supplier agnostic approach allow us to identify and deliver the best possible solutions to meet each customer’s application and business needs.”

This guidance is particularly beneficial for mid-market manufacturers, food processors, and fulfillment businesses with limited in-house technical, engineering, or design expertise to keep up with market demand for eco-friendly packaging and the latest and most sustainable materials, processes, and business practices. In addition, customers can leverage SupplyOne’s deep industry expertise, custom manufacturing, packaging automation, and services that span every aspect of packaging ownership and the economies of scale from its relationship with over 3000 suppliers.

SupplyOne continually reviews its own operations to reduce the environmental impact. For example, printing operations use environmentally friendly water-based inks and cleaning with non-toxic chemicals. In addition, more than 95% of the packaging materials it manufactures are produced from renewable, recycled, or recyclable sources.

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