SupplyOne highlights extensive range of high-quality films for primary food packaging

SupplyOne, the largest independent supplier of custom corrugated and other value-added packaging products, equipment, and services in the US, highlights its stock and custom films for packaging meats, seafood, and poultry. 

As both a manufacturer and distributor of packaging products, SupplyOne offers solutions for any food packaging application, with unparalleled levels of quality, safety, protection, and design. SupplyOne packaging solutions safeguard food, increase shelf-life, create display-case standouts and withstand the rigors of transit and storage. They enable food manufacturers to expand their trading area and simplify quality management.

With capabilities that include up-to-12 color flexographic and eight colour rotogravure films and the ability to produce custom-designed extrusions, trays and containers, SupplyOne can deliver cook-in packages, retort films/pouches and almost any specialized packaging solution.

Primary Food Packaging Films

SupplyOne works closely with customers to select the optimal film solution among many different options to protect foods and showcase their appearance. Forming and non-forming films are available, in both stock and custom solutions, to deliver dependable and attractive packaging performance.

SupplyOne also offers a wide variety of lidding films, for packaging everything from vegetables and fresh fruit to meats, dairy products, meals, desserts, salads, and sandwiches. Alternatively, vacuum skin packaging films are available with a variety of barrier properties for improved shelf life. Typically used to package meats, poultry, meals and fish, these VSP films create a tight, eye-catching presentation with outstanding clarity and anti-fog properties.

Consulting Expertise to Lower Total Cost of Ownership 

The SupplyOne Food Packaging Program offers customers the opportunity to work with a single point of contact, a food industry packaging expert, and receive recommendations to amplify purchasing efficiencies, slim down inventory investment, raise employee productivity and free up production space. This program is guaranteed to generate savings within 30 days. 

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